Joining the band

If you’re a musician looking for a Band to join in the Bristol, Bath & surrounding areas, welcome – you don’t have to be a firefighter – any musician can apply to join us!   Whether you’re an experienced band player, a confident amateur or someone who used to play and has finally got time to devote more time to music, come and try us out.   You’re welcome to come to a practice session on a Monday evening and, if you decide you want to join, we’ll sign you up and you can come along every week.

A message from our Director of Music, Alan Peacock
My background in music is military having served in the Band of the Devon and Dorset Regiment, playing Clarinet and Saxophone, I studied at The Royal Military School of Music Kneller Hall.

I like the band to play a variety of music, catering for all abilities, whilst I do like to encourage them to play some more difficult pieces, to try and improve the overall performance, at the same time keeping it enjoyable. I do like to encourage young musicians as without youth we don’t have a future.

The concert wind band rehearses on Monday evenings (except for Bank Holidays) at 7.30pm at the Management Development centre of the Avon Fire & Rescue Service, which is to the North of Bath, just beyond the racecourse.  You do need a car to get there, unfortunately, but the good news is that there’s plenty of parking, which is very rare in the Bath area!

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