Brass Wind & Fire celebrating the award of the Jim Churchill Cup, 2016
Brass Wind & Fire celebrating the award of the Jim Churchill Cup, 2016

Has it been a long time since you played your instrument?

Join Brass Wind & Fire, our Returners' Band!

Following on from the success of the Beginners' Band, the Band has opened a Band for "returners." It may be, for example, that you learned to play at school, but haven't picked up an instrument since. It's amazing how much you'll remember!

But I'm not a firefighter...!

That doesn't matter. The Band is sponsored by, and in support of the Service, but most of the members are not employed by the Service.

Who is it for?

Anyone over the age of 18 who can play a wind instrument or percussion.

What instruments can join?

Any instruments found in a wind band, i.e. Brass (e.g. trumpet, euphonium, trombone, tuba), Woodwind (e.g. oboe, flute, clarinet (all types), saxophone (all types)), drumkit (but only if you can read music), tuned and untuned percussion, as well as electric bass guitar and double bass (but again only if you can read music).

How much will it cost?

£60 per annum

Where will it take place?

At the Fire & Rescue Service command development premises in Lansdown, Bath, near the racecourse. Directions will be available nearer the start of the course.

Is there anything else I should know before deciding?

Well, I'm afraid we can't get away from the fact that, like any other hobby, there is money involved. It will cost you money to get an instrument if you haven't got one lying about the house - before plunging into buying an instrument, at this stage, hiring your instrument is probably your best bet. Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be anywhere in Bath any more, but if you Google for "instrument hire Bristol," it brings up some places such as John Packer Ltd in Taunton, South Wales Brass (Bristol) and Trevor Jones in Christmas Steps, Bristol. The Band also holds a limited stock of spare instruments, which we can offer for a small hire charge on a first-come first-served basis, details on application.

What do I do now?!

Just email


The Brass Wind & Fire Bandmaster is Alan Peacock, who is an experienced ex-army musician


Unfortunately, being a converted nuclear bunker, the HQ is not fully accessible. There is a chair lift, but no passenger lift, so if you have a mobility difficulty but cannot use a chair lift then regrettably the HQ will be unsuitable for you.