We are not alone in this….

Sad news from our friends in France, where our partners in Aix-en-Provence, the Harmonie Municipale have had to cancel their main winter concert, in honour of St Cecilia (patron saint of musicians, naturally). As the note says on their website, whilst their 2nd wave (of coronavirus) has passed, they have not been able to rehearse enough to ensure a concert of sufficient quality – and they too have problems with venues and auditoria. Their own posts show the efforts they’ve been to, in order to practice – but at least they were able to play outdoors in public once or twice between lockdowns.

Our best wishes to them for 2021 – like them, we are already thinking of the Spring.

They write ‘Ce n’est que partie remise, comptez sur nous’ which I translate as – It’s just a matter of time, count on us!

And, if you scroll down the page to their photos of happier times, you’ll see a photo of the concert in 2017 in Aix, at which some of us were fortunate enough to be able to play!